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The BBM, only supported since Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on, compete directly with WhatsApp Messenger. And indeed, subtract has tremendous opportunity followers, given how comfortable it is for safety reasons give a unique PIN number and phone, as mobile becomes the Canadian firm.

Users who downloaded BlackBerry Messenger can communicate with all the contacts you have on your cell phone, and are attached to other couriers, for chats individually or in groups and send broadcast messages, among other things. The interface is very simple with sidebars that include personal configuration options, invitations, notifications, etc.


he new Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS7) is being distributed, and we want to know your opinion after those first few minutes using it.

The wait is over, for better or for worse. The biggest change to Apple’s mobile operating system is taking place as you read this, all because a few minutes ago has been released iOS 7, the beloved – yet hated – Apple’s new OS starts spreading between iPhones, iPads and iPods around the world



It is a time of evolution, uncertainty and a rediscovery of a team that has been by your side for a long time, and now changes to reflect the new path that this software is taking, with the help of a flat design new equipment – as always – will be the greatest party would bring to the advances that Apple has created for this new operating system. Discover more on sell my iphone

But forget about that. What is important today is your opinion, and we want to know. Positive or negative, the update does not leave anyone indifferent and that leads us to a new W Question.

The second part of this popular game and was released and became an over the list of addictions on the Smartphone.

This sequel is very similar to the original and to fulfill the purpose is to prevent the zombies advance, using powers laden plants. But as this is a second version, you can find new kinds of plants and skills to play. As you progress through the stages, you can unlock these extra defenders, such as Snapdragon, breathing fire and Bloomerang, sending boomerangs.

Moreover, the scenarios also varied. It has gone from stage to get a map of each of the worlds, with different boards. In each of them, you may get keys to unlock new paths, as well as energy to get lurks within the zombies. You will realize what the carriers, because they shine. If you attack, release this power and so can collect this energy and use it to load your brave plants.

This game is available on the Apple App Store, for free, with purchase options within the application, for example, to the powers.





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